My visit to Perth, Australia

Traveling is one of the most exciting activities that everybody can think of doing. We can always visit any country that we want to go. But, of course, with enough money and with the requirements needed. And then, we must not forget our visa entry.

One of the countries I visited and one that you must see is Australia. It is such a wonderful country, but I have chosen to come to Perth, which is the south western part. It is indeed the largest and a populous city in the west, having around 1.94 million people.

My visit to Perth is a memorable one. I experienced a bit of the urban lifestyle of the west. So, if you will come here, you will surely embrace peace and harmony. We can all relax on the beaches and parks. And then, get entertained with the bars, inspired restaurants and street arts.

Spots not to miss in Perth

There are so many attractions and spots for us to check out in Perth, Australia. Indeed, it is an ideal place for the whole family. I have here a list of some places that you should not miss.

  • Kings Park

You shouldn’t miss hanging around this bushy park in the city. This is a very big park and actually the biggest in the whole world. This is a great spot to have a view of the Swan. Not forget to mention the skyscrapers and Canning rivers sight.

  • The Beaches

Who would not like to relax on the beach when traveling? The breathtaking beaches along the coast of Perth has pale sand that would really push your feet to walk on. You would surely want to swim in the clear turquoise water of the sea. And then, if you enjoy snorkeling, then check out the Mettams Pool. If you are traveling with kids, then let them enjoy the playground around the Trigg Beach.

  • Quokka Spot

We can find here a friendly marsupial called, the quokka. This creature is known to be the happiest animal in the world. So, do not forget to bring your cameras and take selfies because this creature would surely show a real charming smile.

  • Fremantle’s Historical Streets

In the southern part of Perth, you can find the Fremantle port. This spot is where you can find colonial miscellanies and the well-known Little Creatures Brewery. Explore the history behind the Maritime Museum and the Shipwreck Galleries. It would be great to spend some casual meals at the Yocal and Bread in Common.

  • Swan Valley

It is where you can find vineyards and cellar door that offers wine tasting. If you like wines and has a good taste for it, then do not miss to visit this valley. It is really good to have a sample of the best wines from Perth.

  • Small bars on the Streets

It would be cool to chill and relax on small bars that you can find along the streets of Perth. Experiencing live music would be very entertaining. You must also try to come to bars and whispering a password to have an access inside.