Removalists in Perth are a nice bunch of guys!

Many of you know that I like to travel for all of the obvious reasons. One of my favourite reason is the fact that you get to meet different type of people from all walks of life. Well this post is about how I met a nice group of people whilst in Perth, Western Australia. In fact, these people work as removalists in Perth. Check out their website at and if you ever need a removals service then you know who to call! Anyways, I got to know three of them closer than I would of ever imagine. It turned out that they have more a lot of things in common with me which I guess made it that much more special.

Since they might even read this blog of mine (because I told them about it), I will mention their names. They are simply known as Ben, Chad and Peter. I’m not sure exactly but I think they are common names in Australia. But I could be wrong, just don’t quote me on this. If I were to describe these men in one word, it would be awesome. The more I think about it, the word itself probably doesn’t do them much justice. So why did I happen to get along with them and why did I continue to keep in touch with them? Even though I have left Perth a while ago? Although I can probably write pages and pages about them. I will make it as concise as I possibly can.

Kind of random, but I can’t resist to post a pic of some flowers that I took during my time in Perth. From memory it was at Kings Park?

First of, they are super helpful. When I first arrived in Perth, I brought along several relatively heavy luggage. One of the heaviest load I carried with me was a grand piano! Many of you might be thinking why the heck would you even bring a grand piano on a holiday! Let me explain.. I was a keen pianist back in my hometown but after years of playing it I have decided to sell it. the reason was quite simple, I needed money to fund my traveling around the world. But don’t get me wrong, it was super difficult for me to part ways with my beloved piano. But my passion for travelling is as strong as ever. Hence the decision to sell it. Back to what I was saying, call it luck or whatever I had someone in Perth who was willing to buy it.

The cost of transporting the piano over to Perth was not cheap. But it didn’t actually cost me anything as the buyer was willing to pay for the shipping – as long as I organise the shipment from the airport to his house. So my plan was to send it to the airport and I will then organise a removals company to help me out.

To cut a long story short, during the plane trip I chatted to a group of strangers who are locals returning home (whom are now my long distance friends!).  I talked about my holiday to Perth and the story about my piano. It was then that they said they could help me out because they are removalists by trade! The rest is history 🙂